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We offer a full spectrum of services for Residential homes and multifamily properties. We also offer certain other home repair and improvement services including crawlspace vapor barriers and encapsulations on a case by case basis, based on 25 years of Home Repair & Improvement and Mold & Moisture removal experience. Honest, professional Handymen are hard to come by these days; ask if your next home repair project may fall under our umbrella of Crawlspace/Moisture management, Home Repair & Improvement services. 

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest." -Ecclesiastes 9:10 kjv


We use a combination of high velocity air, spinning rotary brush, and/or vacuum to ensure your ducts are adequately clean. If the duct is too clogged to clean by conventional means, we can disassemble the pipes and clean each section individually. On rare occasion, duct replacement may be a better alternative to cleaning if the duct is in poor condition.  


Got a broken vent or is your laundry taking too long to dry even though your vent is clean? You may need to reroute your vent to be more streamlined or you may have a crushed pipe blocking the airflow. We can reroute, repair, or improve your vent if needed and all work is guaranteed and to code. 


If all other means to improve air flow have been exhausted, and your clothes take two or more cycles to dry, you may need a booster fan. We use the TJernlund LB2 with a 5 year no-clog guarantee, which will increase the air flow in your vent exponentially, drastically reducing drying times and saving energy. This device can pay for itself in a short period of time if you do a lot of laundry and have an excessive length vent. Watch video below.

Bird nest in dryer vent cover

Bird nesting is a major concern and fire hazard because dryer vents present the ideal warm home for birds and rodents. Not only can these pests block air flow but can also enter the home through your vent and clothes dryer. We can install a cage around your exterior vent hood to deter birds and rodents. 


While we do not work on any appliance  including clothes dryers, we can refer you to a local repair contractor if needed. We are however, able to disassemble simple dryers to clean out lint buildup if requested or needed.


In addition to repairing and cleaning dryer vents, we can also replace your vent if needed or reroute your existing one to improve air flow. All materials are of the highest quality and all work is guaranteed. 




We are able to install new roof and wall vents as needed. All wall vents are secured to the structure with screws and/or wall anchors and no Roofer is required for roof vent installs, as we are proficient Roofers. We make every effort to ensure all repairs are long-lasting and of the highest quality.

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