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Veteran owned small business

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Service of North Georgia inspects, cleans, and repairs dryer vents in Blairsville, Hiawassee, Blue Ridge, Helen and surrounding areas. We now also serve Murphy, Hayesville, and Warne NC. Having a clean and serviceable dryer vent can save $18-$24 per month in energy costs, prevent dryer fires, shorten drying cycles, prevent mold, and prolong the life of your clothes dryer and clothing. Thank you in advance, for allowing us to be your dryer venting specialist. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Service of North Georgia believes that though accepted practices in business and life have declined over recent decades, we should offset this trend by providing courteous, professional services which still keep the customer first and strive to honor the Lord Jesus Christ through honest and ethical business practice. 

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Before and After of a cleaned dryer vent

We will first inspect your dryer ventilation system including dryer hookup, exterior hood, and main duct. We use a rotary brush, high velocity air, and whatever means necessary to ensure your dryer vent is clean and serviceable and that your dryer is operating at optimal efficiency. You'll be amazed how much lint is hiding in your dryer vent!

Bird nest in dryer vent


Sometimes, cleaning is not enough. Birds and vermin, lint buildup, weather damage, improperly run ducts, broken pipes, detached vent covers, crimped ducts, excessive length runs, improper materials, and many other factors can cause your dryer to overheat, blow lint into your attic crawlspace or interior, and prolong drying times. You can rest assured that any repairs that are needed will be completed to code and in the most professional and safe way possible.  

Sagging improper dryer vent


Improper vents can sag causing moisture and lint to collect creating a choke point which will block air flow and can cause lint to  back up in the dryer. We can replace poorly run venting with a new efficient vent that will improve performance and correct fire and mold hazards.  We may also be able to design a more efficient and shorter run to expedite drying times and improve performance. If your vent is over excessively long with multiple turns, a Booster Fan may be the solution to dramatically speed up drying times. 

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